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Step into our workshop, where the artistry of jewellery repair thrives. With years of experience under our belts, we approach each repair with meticulous care and dedication. Our skilled jewellers are versed in both time-honoured techniques and cutting-edge technologies, ensuring that every piece receives the attention it deserves.

From precious platinum engagement rings to cherished sentimental brooches, we treat each item with the same level of craftsmanship and detail as our bespoke creations. While we strive to complete repairs in-house whenever possible, there are rare instances where specialised equipment is needed elsewhere. Should this be the case, we'll communicate openly and transparently with you.

Entrust your jewellery to us, where tradition meets innovation, and rest assured that your beloved pieces are in capable hands


Repair price list

All prices are approximate, each item of jewellery will need to be assessed in our workshop to determine what is required.

Ring resize

  • Ring resize Silver (down/up)
    from $59/$68
  • Ring resize Gold (down/up) from $68/$125
  • Ring resize white gold & platinum (down/up) from $147/$210

Chain repair

  • Silver from $30
  • 9ct gold from $45
  • 18ct gold from $59