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Trollbeads Leather Bracelet

Trollbeads Leather Bracelet

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Double-ended locks, which enable you to change the beads on your bracelet without tools, are sold separately.

Note that the listed lengths indicate the total length of the bracelet with a lock attached, so the chain itself is actually 2 cm shorter than indicated.

If, for example, you require a 20 cm bracelet, choose '20 cm'. We will send you an 18 cm chain and when you add a lock your bracelet will be the perfect size.

Basic Lock, Swan Lock, Gold Heart Lock, Fish Lock, Big Flower Lock and Lock with Buds will not fit a leather bracelet, so we recommend that you choose a different lock for your leather bracelet.

TLEBR-00001 / Q1019

TLEBR-00002 / Q1017

TLEBR-00003 / Q1020

TLEBR-00022 / Q1053

TLBR-00029 / Q1156

TLBR-00030 / Q1215

TLEBR-00028 / Q2855

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