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MoCu Ring - Mokumegane in Sterling Silver & Copper

MoCu Ring - Mokumegane in Sterling Silver & Copper

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Mokumegane combining sterling silver and copper with a sterling silver sleeve. Each ring is custom made, no two will be alike. 

Mokumegane is a japanese work that can be broken down into 3 parts:

Moku - Tree/Wood

Me - Eye

Gane - Metal

Developed in Japan, it is a technique that layers different coloured metals that when manipulated and formed, the resulting pattern is a timber or wood grain pattern in metal. We love the different possibilities and the unique quality of these rings. 

Please note the image is representative of the pattern, your ring will have it's own unique pattern. Each ring is handmade to order - please allow 2 - 3 weeks for your ring to be made.


We currently have 5x rings in stock ready to ship. They are all half round profiles with a twisted and forged pattern. The patterns for these rings are as shown in the photos. The stock rings currently have a 20% discount applied. The sizes and patterns have already been determined, so if it suits you, jump on it!

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