Custom made

We can custom make to whatever your design may be. We work and source in all precious metals and gemstones. Contact us to discuss making your next piece.


Remodelling - we happily work with heirloom pieces, gemstones and jewellery that you have. We will do our utmost to use all available material. Remodelling can be as simple as re-purposing a diamond, or more involved such as melting down and re-using heirloom gold.
We have a lot of experience with remodelling, and there are a few things to keep in mind with this process. We try to be as transparent throughout the process and are happy to discuss any project you have in mind.

Hand Engraving

We specialise in hand engraving, being one of only a handful of hand engravers in Australia. Our work is engraved under a microscope using GRS pnuematic equipment for the finest of detail.


All repairs are completed on-site in our workshop*. We have many years experience with repairs, and take great care with every item that comes through our workshop. Our jewellers are trained in traditional manufacturing methods as well as utilising modern technologies to be able to address a wide range of repairs. The same level of expertise and detail that is applied to our bespoke work will be used on each of our repairs. Whether it is a platinum engagement ring, or a base metal sentimental brooch, we will do our best to repair your jewellery.

*There are a very few occasions where we cannot complete a repair in house. We will always inform you if your jewellery needs to leave our premises.

Gem setting

We set gemstones in house, utilising microscopes and GRS pnuematic equipment.

Professional Clean & Polish

Have your jewellery professionally cleaned and polished in our workshop. We will also inspect the items for any issues or concerns that may need to be addressed.

Watch Repairs

Watch batteries can be replaced in our workshop. We can organise to have your watch pressure tested, however this is done through our watchmaker externally, and will usually take 1-2 weeks.

We can provide on-site batteries, replacement watch bands, link adjustments, replacement lugs and general cleaning. 

Our watchmaker provides servicing, pressure testing and overhauls. Our watchmaker services all makes of both mechanical and quartz watches, providing a 12 month warranty on all repairs. All watches requiring the watchmaker are handled and quoted off-site. Normal turnaround is 2 - 3 weeks, although this will be confirmed at the time of quotation.